Here we go! Please read the instructions in each post and then move on to the discussion questions below it. If you aren’t sure what’s going on, feel free to email me!


You should currently be looking through the Timeline project and doing the reading as it was sent to you via email. Below this post you will see three posts. Each one is a discussion for question that we would be exploring if we met in section this week. Please consider the question and answer it in a substantial post (one long paragraph or 2 shorter paragraphs), using specific information from your timeline project. Please use your name so I can give you credit!

Everyone should post their initial response in the next two days so we get the conversation going. Then our replies will spill over until approximately Sunday night. From there we can keep the conversation going if you feel like reviewing together online, but I will assign grades for the discussion on Monday.

Following the three questions, there is some bonus material in three posts: one fun one with a Black Adder episode on Queen Elizabeth, a practical post involving tips for writing a strong midterm essay, and finally a list of potential essay questions so you may practice.

Please note that this is not about making you do busy work — by reading through your classmates’ answers, you should begin to construct a good working knowledge of the kind of material that will appear on the exam. This way, we just share the burden of work.

For now, feel free to look through the existing posts and finish your work on the Timeline. See you soon!


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