Midterm Tips!

Here are a few reminders about the best practices of a solid midterm:  Image

1. Take note of the type of question you are asked: a contrast? Evaluate? Explain “How” or “Why”? Or strict narrative?

2. Begin with an outline of your answer. Take a moment to organize your paragraphs as you will not be able to rearrange later on.

3. HAVE AN ARGUMENT! State it in your introduction and draw it together again in your conclusion

4. Use sentences like “This example proves my point because…” or “This demonstrates that…” so that any confusion is cleared up.

5. Insert a paragraph of analysis in the penultimate paragraph, just before your conclusion.

6. Write as clearly as you can! Do not hold your pen too tightly. Speaking of pens, please avoid pencil. And write your section number on the bluebook.


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