Can you Comment? Looks like you can!


I’ve heard now from 5 of you and it seems that you can comment here through a variety of means: anonymous posts linked to your personal email account, or formal wordpress account, or a variety of other things.

Only I can view your email. Everyone else will only view your comment and your name. The name you use should be your first and last name as I have it in your gradebook. No pseudonyms please! All comments will be moderated just in case.

I have a project in the works for Spring Break and your Study guide for the midterm.

I will send out your preparation project as I would any normal week, but this week it will be more labor intensive, since it is replacing our meeting time. Then on Wednesday, March 28, I will post a series of discussion questions. You must answer the question itself with something substantive and then reply to your classmates — just as if we were in class. We will continue these conversations between Wednesday and Sunday. Answer should be substantial — avoid one-liners.

Your comments should be posted between Thursday, March 29 and Sunday, April 1, in order to get full credit. You can keep talking if you like after Sunday, but those four days are the days that will replace our 50 minute meeting.

We can talk about this more in class this week! Thank you to those who posted in the comments.



6 thoughts on “Can you Comment? Looks like you can!

  1. Kolm says:

    Testing from anonymous account

  2. Cat says:

    Seems to work.

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